Title:  Zabin Shaidan
Year:  No Date
Book Ref No:  646
No of Pages:  44
Location of copy:  FColl
Publisher or Bookshop:  Al-Amin Bookshop, Kasuwar Sabon Gari, Kano
Place of publication:  
Book club:  Tauraro
Additional notes:  No author's name on cover. Title page appears after 6 (unnumbered) introductory pages of a dream sequence. Title page has printed handwritten condolences from "Tauraro Writers" to Maje Hotoro for the death of his father.
Content Summary:  Alhaji Sharfaddeen has been murdered and the first six pages (even before the title page) are a first-person dream sequence vaguely establishing the idea of a search for the assassin. In the book proper, Saddiq, a sensible and friendly young man has be??